Check out our new sign which Jeremy Fish did for his show “Yesterdays and Tomorrows” running through Sept 13th at FFDG in San Francisco.

Do we sell shark cameras? Art shark cameras?… Hey, do you spy musician Tommy Guerrero in the pic? #jeremyfish #ffdg #yesterdaysandtomorrows #missionst

Loving on Melbourne-born, Berlin-based artist James Reka’s newest works which will be on display at London’s Stolen Space on Sept 11th alongside Japanese Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TWOONE. Hiroyasu Tsuri’s work pictured here - More images and pics on

Great photo by @shortformelissa at the opening of Jeremy Fish’s show at #FFDG - #jeremyfish

We just added 4 new prints by Jeremy Fish to our online shop to coincide with his current show at FFDG. Purchase online at

@clowntraps - For rich dicks

Last minute adjustments before @mrjeremyfish show opens at 6pm! #yesterdaysandtomorrows (at FFDG)

"Illcommunication" by Jeremy Fish. His solo show opens Friday at FFDG (6-9pm)

Preview goes out at 12pm tomorrow. To be added, email: info(at) #jeremyfish #ffdg #yesterdaysandtomorrows

"Fish and Game" by Jeremy Fish.
30 new works for sale. Solo show opens Friday, Aug 15th at FFDG in San Francisco - To be added to his advanced preview, email: info(at)

Starting to look epic in here. Jeremy Fish’s solo show opens Friday at #jeremyfish #ffdg (at FFDG)

Jeremy Fish’s solo show opens next Friday, August 15th at FFDG.NET #jeremyfish #ffdg

Thanks to the SF Chronicle for the great write up on Jim Houser’s solo show at #FFDG running through Saturday. #jimhouser (at FFDG)

Uncle @mrjeremyfish swung through for a visit and to discuss his upcoming show at #FFDG opening Friday, August 15th. #jeremyfish (at FFDG)

Jeremy Fish opens his solo show “Yesterdays and Tomorrows” at FFDG in San Francisco on Aug 15th (6-9pm). RSVP at Facebook on the FFDG event page. Details: - #jeremyfish #yesterdaysandtomorrows #ffdg

Awesome #jimhouser at #FFDG (at FFDG)

After regretfully missing the opening and the lovely couple that is KEFE, I finally got over to the Shooting Gallery to see their new show, Floating World. - Photos now on #kellytunstall #ferrisplock #fecalface