Monster Show Seven- Austin TX 
Domy Books and Gallery 
913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702 
Exhibition runs Oct 27–Nov 29, 2012

Legend has it that when Russell Etchen, founder of Domy, moved into a 180 year old former sugar cane plantation 7 years ago he found a very peculiar barrel of brandy in the damp wine cellar. Unable to move the barrel, he served up the brandy for a housewarming party. His guests drank copious amounts of the brandy, leading to great party times and drained the mysterious barrel. Next day, Russell once again tried to move it but the thing wouldn’t budge. “Curse this barrel, i’ll chop it up” and so he took an axe to it. Couple swings and the barrel busted open. Tumbling out came a naked old man with horns all over his body!! AHHHH!!!! The horned man claimed that he was 666 years old and the brandy had preserved him. He growled, “Im going to haunt all those that drank my brandy forevermore unless you hold an annual art show featuring demons eating corndogs, conjoined twins doin’ it, and people melting!” He then died and his body disintegrated. This year’s show was especially scary with Michael Sieben, Mel Kadel, Matt Furie, Matt Leines, Jay Howell, Lola Dupre, Sean Whelan, and a whole bunch of other friends who are into messed up shit. -Manik Nakra

If you think we’re adding this Halloween themed show opening late… you’d be correct.